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MAK Mobile Heads Saddle Hole NC Cutting Machine
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portable NC saddle shape cutting machine         

           Highly Intelligent but Simple to Operate

                                       The smallest & lightest saddle hole NC cutting machine in the world


Order Info

Order No. Model Function Bevel Process Rise & Fall Cap./mm Hole Diameter /mm Total weight /Kg Arm Max.
Diameter /mm
2-101-0005 MAK-15 Head Saddel hole ±45° Oxy fuel 0-300 50-600 50 1800




Processes and Features

①Specifically designed for cutting saddle holes in heads
②Easily operated built in program,no requirement toimport CAD files
③Light weight, ease of installation no auxiliary mechanical devices required
④Single operator usage with remote control device
⑤Double lasers making positioning easy and accurate
⑥Manually operated magnetic block mounting makes set-up quick and convenient


Meet saddle hole cutting of heads in the national standard (GB 150.3 2011) pressure vessel design


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