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What can UIT bring us? (II)
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Decreased Downtime
Any measure that can decrease downtime is a valuable investment for companies and industries that acutely understand that time is money. HJ-series UIT offers a number of different ways to accomplish this.

Extended Life
Today’s infrastructure and assets are expected to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time. Fatigue life is constantly pushed to the limit, and design breakthroughs in materials and processes drive this demand even higher. UIT offers a way to extend the life of structures and components whether utilized in situ, or in the design phase.

Improved Reliability
Having the confidence that your equipment will perform when called upon is priceless. UIT increases this confidence level by improving on weak points.

Reduced Cost
UIT provides cost reductions through a number of different approaches, such as use of a less expensive material, reduced weight or by avoiding major maintenance dollars through increased reliability.

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