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Ultrasonic impact treatment device power control
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The ultrasonic power control supply operates with AC line voltage (220/110 volts). It generates a sinusoidal wave of 20kHz from the supplied power.

The advanced ultrasonic controlled power supplies feature an automatic tuning adjustment to maintain the tuned balancing of the resonant acoustic body with that of the power supply control system. This resonance is maintained even when there is a change in the mechanical and/or electrical properties during the treatment process. The control unit is constantly measuring the impedance of the resonant body and automatically adjusting to compensate for this. This impedance may occur due to differing applications, metallurgy, stress levels, surface profiles, etc.

The automatic tuning adjustment compensates for changes and ensures optimal efficiency. Above all, it guarantees that treatment parameters remain constant. This is extremely important if one is to achieve a common effect across the entire area being treated.

Changes in the surface profiles, stress concentrations, surface hardness and other metallurgical properties may result in a greater mechanical load. The rise in mechanical load must not, under any circumstances, influence or reduce the amplitude of treatment. The electronic controls within the ultrasonic controlled power supply will detect this condition and maintain a constant amplitude by providing appropriate energy, so as to ensure the resonant body remains in resonance at the desired amplitude. The body must be maintained at resonance with common displacement amplitude throughout the treatment process to ensure successful treatment across the entire area.

Different power settings will result in the acoustically tuned body resonating to different values of amplitude. Thus, amplitude for specific treatments is varied resulting in different effects within the same metal body. This is why the ultrasonic controlled power supply is equipped with a computer logic control system. Through this computer logic control system various treatment parameters are set to ensure the desired effects due to treatment are achieved. These parameter controls include power and amplitude. This together with the properties of the acoustically tuned resonating body and the properties of the transfer pins result in an optimum transfer of the impulse energy at ultrasonic frequency into the treated component.

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