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What can Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (UIT) bring us?
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The principle of HJ-Series is based on the instrumental conversion of harmonic oscillations of a piezoelectric ceramic body into resonant impulses of ultrasonic frequency. The acoustically tuned body is brought to resonance by energizing an ultrasonic transducer. The energy generated from these high frequency impulses is imparted to the treated surface through the contact of specially designed steel pins. These transfer pins are free to move axially between the resonant body and the treated surface.

    Depending on the desired effects of treatment a combination of different frequencies and displacement amplitude is applied. The frequency can reach 20kHz, with the displacement amplitude of the resonant body of at most 50 microns.

The following list describes the beneficial effects that can result due to treatment. Furthermore, the controlled action of the application allows one to define the exact combination of effects listed below by altering the configuration of the control and treatment parameters.

1  Formation of a white layer up to 10 microns in depth with exceptional corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and lubricity.

2  Plastic deformation of the surface.

3  Elimination of tensile stress and the introduction of favorable compression stress up to 12 millimeters in depth.

4  Altering the surface finish resulting in a smoother surface and eliminating defects.

5  Improvement in endurance and corrosion resistance. Up to 250% and 400% respectively.

6  Increased operational life in applications subject to dynamic loads or aggressive environments.

7  Reduced maintenance cost of metal structures subject to corrosion-fatigue destruction.

8  Decreased cost of manufacturing and operation through the use of less material.

9  Increased use of high strength steel alloys previously limited by weld properties.
10  Increased structural stability during manufacturing and operation.

11  Operational and maintenance cost reduction.

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