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Key technologies of ultrasonic impact treatment/ultrasonic peening(UIT/UP) equipment
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Ultrasonic impact treatment/ultrasoni peening(UIT/UP) applications become more and more.However lots of people don’t know how to evalue a UIT equipment and its manufacturer.This article elaborates the key technologies of UIT equipment so that users or buyers know which one is better,and how to choose a better product and manufacturer.

The key technologies are as follows:

1.Frequency tracing function(FTF)

The combination of PCT,amplitude horn,pins and workpiece(touched points by pins) has a frequency,and the frequency is changed all the time.That’s because touched points are changed all the time when UIT working.The necessary condition of working in normal is that working frequency is must matched with the combination’s frequency.If not,the wasted horsepower is born.More gap of the two frequency,more wasted horsepower is born.Nearly all wasted horsepower transforms heat.And the heat is harmful for system stabilization.We will talk it in the 2nd point.What’s frequency tracing?That means the working frequency is tracing combination frequency,and the the two frequency matched all the time.So,if one generator unit of UIT equipment has no FTFor has weak FTF,it won’t work well.

Without FTF,how it works?it works as follows.First,turn on the power ,and then test to impact the workpiece,and at the same time regulate the frequency knob(there is a knob to manually regulate to match the two frequency),when you feel the impact is powerful,Ok,the two frequency are matched,and you can stop test,and start impact working.As the time passed,the impact power is weaker and weaker(no FTF,frequency not matched,and more and more waste horsepower).About after several seconds(wont beyond half minute at best) ,operators feel impact power fades away and the tool is very hot.Stop the machine,turn it off ,several seconds later turn the power on ,and repeat the above work.

If somebody buys a UIT machine without FTF or with a weak FTF,he can’t use it on robot or other automatic machine,he can’t use it for long time,and he must keep the general unit near to him so that he can regulate the working frequency in time.

Some UIT equipment  is only a simple combination with their PCT and common general units.It’s not the real UIT.

How about Sunbowtec’s UIT?17.5kHz±2.0kHz.17.5kHz is the PCT’s frequency and ±2.0kHz is the range.As long as the deviation of combination frequency is in the ±2.0kHz range.Sunbowtec’s UIT can automaticly trace the frequency ,and matched.

2. Generator Uint is controlled by DSP chip.

Wasted horsepower can’t be avoided.Waste horsepower transforms heat,and heat is hamful for analogous circuit.Heat will cause Analog devices not work in the normal.Even the machine has FTF,FTF mode may failure sometimes. DSP chip solved it.

3.Tool size

More and more user would like to use smaller and lighter UIT Tool so that it can use in the limited space.However Tool size can not be changed randomly,the size must meet the ultrasonics requirement.That’s why we see only sunbowtec has the smaller tool.

This year,our HJ-III UIT equipment won the support of National innovation fond(China ,2011) due to the above technologyies.

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Equipment

HJ-III Ultrasonic Impact Treatment Equipment

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